There are many great sites on the World Wide Web, but trying to narrow them down to the ones that you actually will find useful can be a frustrating experience. Here is a list of sites that my clients have found helpful. When you click on a link, a new window will pop up.


Track Your IRS Refund     Track Your NYS Refund     Track Your Amended Return


The Internal Revenue Service
Home of the IRS on the Web. The IRS has definitely done a nice job on its Website.

New York State Department of Taxation
Home of NYS Department of Taxation on the Web.

New Jersey Division of Taxation
Home of NJ Department of Taxation on the Web.

New York City Department of Finance
Home of NYC Department of Finance on the Web.

The Social Security Administration
Questions about retirement, disability….?

New York State’s College Savings Program
The only college savings program that yields a deduction for filers of NYS tax returns.


Payroll Deductions
Calculate your payroll tax deductions and net pay-check.

Money Magazine
Money Magazine offers an on-line edition that is a great resource for financial information